'I think they fell in love a little bit' Interview with Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell
A legendary singer/songwriter pair in the history of modern pop music.
High Life American-British-French-Polish-German sci-fi, 110 min, 2018 13 June 2019 - 19 June 2019
A man (Robert Pattinson) and a baby struggle for survival in space: French director Claire Denis has created an eerie, haunting science-fiction drama about the existential questions of humankind.
Three Identical Strangers British documentary, 95 min, 2018 13 June 2019 - 19 June 2019
Sometimes life is the most formidable scriptwriter: stories one could never imagine happen in reality, like the incredible tale of three twin brothers who have been separated at birth.
Men In Black: International American sci-fi, 115 min, 2019 13 June 2019 - 19 June 2019
'Men in Black' was one of the best blockbusters in the '90s: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones protected the Earth from the wicked aliens and the audience had great fun. In this new adventure the agency must tackle the biggest threat to date: a mole in their secret organization.
Genius A TV series about the greatest minds in history.
This exciting American TV series aims at presenting some of the great minds in history in a relatable way to the public, showing their less known side as well, while following the story of their life and the development of their work, putting special emphasis on the pivotal points of their career.
The Durrells
Based on the internationally acclaimed autobiographic novel by Gerald Durrell, this series turned out to be a big hit as soon as the first season started to air in 2016. All those people who have loved the Corfu Trilogy fell instantly for the excellent adaptation, and the story gained also some new fans as the series continued.
Film premieres

Men In Black: International

American, , 115 min., 2019

Three Identical Strangers

British, documentary, 96 min., 2018

High Life

American-British-French-Polish-German, sci-fi, 110 min., 2018
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