'As I got my ass kicked, I felt more connected to Nakia’s warrior spirit.' - Lupita Nyong’o
Since Lupita Nyong’o received the Academy Awards for '12 years a slave' we don't really get the chance to see her here in Hungary: in new Star Wars series she plays a CGI-creature, in 'The Jungle Books' we could only hear her voice. New Marvel movie Black Panther brings her back to us.
"He’s a man who knows what he wants"- Mark Wahlberg
It caused quite a stir when director Ridley Scott had cut the scenes of Kevin Spacey from his latest film 'All The Money in the World', and he chose another actor, Mark Wahlberg for the role. So, just before Christmas he had to go for a re-shooting with the crew, he told us about this unusual experience.
"There are things that I’ve missed" - Gary Oldman
One of the unbelievable things that happened in Hollywood is that an actor with such qualities hasn't won the Oscar yet. Well this is about to change as Gary Oldman is the most probable winner this year for his outstanding performance as Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour', a spectacular drama directed by Joe Wright.
"Now I savour it, it really goes in." - Nicole Kidman
2017 was undoubtedly the year of Nicole Kidman. She has been nominated for the Academy Awards for her role in 'Lion', she has gained new fans in TV series 'Big Little Lies', and in Cannes she was the brightest star as she participated with three films and a series. 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' has just debuted in the Hungarian cinemas.
"The set has this summer camp vibe to it" - Anna Kendrick
When Universal Studios first presented 'Pitch Perfect' in 2012, nobody would have thought that two sequels would be coming. It was a charming high-school comedy with catchy pop songs, and it proved to be an absolute success. Now, five years later, we can already speak of a trilogy.
"Leadership and heroism are not just about what abilities you have" - Ben Affleck
We don't know yet if Ben Affleck will wear the Batman suit again but as he told us about the making process of Justice League it is evident that he enjoys this role very much.
"Crazy stuff happens" - Daisy Ridley
In 2015 Daisy Ridley has become suddenly known worldwide for playing Ray in 'The Force Awakens'. But in spite of this, the story of 'The Last Jedi' was a surprise even for her. She also told us about the challanges of the shooting process.
'Trying not to allow things to feel stale' - interview with Christopher Landon
'Scream' meets with 'Groundhog day'. That's how we could describe the new film of Christopher Landon entitled 'Happy Death Day'. The director told us about the challenges he had to face while making an original, funny horror movie.
'It’s kind of like tossing a hand grenade into pop culture' - Darren Aronofsky
He is one of the most exciting directors in Hollywood nowadays, chiefly known for his provocative films. His latest movie 'mother!' goes off the rails more than any other of his previous works. But why he keeps provoking the audience? Maybe we will have the answer to that too.
'A film that blows my mind.' - Jared Leto
Jared Leto is more than a popstar. He is also an actor who received an Academy Award, but even for him, shooting Blade Runner 2049 was a surrealistic experience. It is no wonder, given that the original film is one of his big favourites.
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