"My husband was mad keen that I should do it, so that he could say he lived with a Bond woman" - Judi Dench
Judi Dench had the possibility of working together with Stephen Frears again, after doing Philomena in 2013. In Victoria and Abdul we discover an exciting new chapter of Queen Victoria's life, the years when she made friends with a young Indian clerk.
"It was the most tiring thing I’ve ever done" – Bill Skarsgård
His father, Stellan Skarsgård is one of Sweden's main exports and his brother Alexandar Skarsgård acts in various Hollywood films. This can be an advantage but it is also hard to keep up with them. Young actor Bill Skarsgård is on his way to fame playing Stephen King's iconic clown in the latest adaptation of 'IT'.
"Once you’re in the corset, it's hard to bend down and put your shoes on." - Stacey Battat
In the films of Sofia Coppola costumes has always been a very important element, since 'Somewhere' she works with Stacey Battat costume designer who helped her to find the perfect outfits for the characters of The Beguiled.
"Took it up for a flight and then just took off" - Tom Cruise and Doug Liman
Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are working together for the second time after the 'Edge of Tomorrow'. American Made is about a reckless pilot who became a smuggler and played the Colombian drug cartels. As the film is based on a true story, the makers had a lot to tell about it.
"I find the doll Annabelle to be really sinister" - Miranda Otto
The doll Annabelle is one of the creepiest horror movie characters, and 'Annabelle 2: Creation' is her second feature film. This time Australian actress Miranda Otto had the chance to work together with her.
"We don’t really leave anything on the cutting room floor, in terms of complete scenes." - Christopher Nolan
Now the career of Christopher Nolan embodies all that was James Cameron or Stephen Spielberg to Hollywood in the last century. He is one of the last directors who always gets a budget for all his projects and the right of the final cut belongs to him. With Dunkirk he is pushing his own limits.
"There is no one more fun, who you could play versions of, than the Devil himself.” - Matthew McConaughey
He has played some bad guys at the beginning of his career, but after he became rather stuck into the character of the handsome young man. Directors have discovered him again and he is getting one interesting role after another. Now he has just finished a really hard work: he had to play the Devil himself.
"The character journey in this one is an amazing one." - Andy Serkis
He has played King Kong and Gollam but in The Planet of the Apes he gives a most amazing performance. He is the pioneer of a new acting method, and we are wondering if War for the Planet of the Apes will bring him a nomination for the Academy Awards.
"It was definitely a tough shoot" - Tom Holland
Tom Holland is the first non-American actor who can play the third most genuinely American superhero (after Captain America and Superman), Spiderman. The young British actor threw himself confidently into the role, and he brings fresh blood to the character of Peter.
"My philosophy: don’t take yourself so damn seriously." - Sir Anthony Hopkins
In Transformers: The Last Knight, Anthony Hopkins stars as Sir Edmond Burton, the Brit bot-expert who readies Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager for mankind’s ultimate showdown. He told us how he dropped in the Transformers universe and also talked about the people he met at the shooting.
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