'La La Land was great preparation for all of us' Interview with Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling has always been considered as a taciturn, handsome and inscrutable superactor so he is undoubtedly the perfect choice for the challenging role of Neil Armstrong, the first man who ever set foot on the Moon.
"It's like he has a tropical disease." Interview with Tom Hardy
Though Tom Hardy has already played a famous villain in Christopher Nolan's last Batman, Venom is very different experience because that's the first time that a complete movie based on comics is built on his character. It was not an easy job as he had to play together with a huge, terrifying CGI creature.
"Most days, I would shake with fear under the sheets" Interview with Taissa Farmiga
One might think that young Taissa Farmiga is the daughter of famed actress Vera Farmiga, but in reality they are sisters with an age gap of 21 years. Now Taissa's career makes a flying start with 'The Nun', a much anticipated new piece in 'The Conjuring' universe.
'Fresh, exciting and unpredictable' - Antoine Fuqua Interview with the director of 'Equalizer 2'
Director Antoine Fuqua is well known in Hollywood for his tough, old-school action films, and he worked together with Denzel Washington several times. They have joined forces again recently in order to create a sequel to 'The Equalizer', a huge cinema hit in 2014.
'It ain’t Mission: Difficult' - Christopher McQuarrie Interview with the director of 'Fallout'
He said that no sane person would make two 'Mission: Impossible' films in a row but he has done it nevertheless. His leading role broke his ankle while working together on the most spectacular action movie ever seen, but the director didn't despair: he even made an advantage of it. He is telling us about the memorable moments of the shooting process.
"A fair amount of discipline, concentration, and confidence." Interview with Jason Statham & Li Bingbing
The main character of 'The Meg' was unavailable for the interview, so we had to content ourselves with the human protagonists, that is to say with Jason Statham and Li Bingbing. They share their memories about the challenging underwater filming process and their feelings about the project.
"It felt very big and grand and exciting." - Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly first became worldwide famous because of her role in successful TV-series Lost, and after she obtained even more fans as the elf-warrior in The Hobbit trilogy. Now the Marvel Universe also engaged her in their latest movie Ant-man and the Wasp, to the great delight of the fans.
"The film has such a crazy ensemble." - Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm has become a real star thanks to his role in TV-series Mad Men, and now he is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. His latest action-comedy Tag concentrates on the importance of childhood friendships and bonds, and also serves some hilarious moments to the public.
"By thinking a little smaller, I could have more creative freedom." - Jeff Wadlow
For director Jeff Wadlow it was a challenging situation when horror producer Jason Blum asked him to create a real scary film about poopular teenage game truth or dare.
"We never missed an opportunity to chat with one another." - Helena Bonham Carter
One of the most eccentric figures in cinematography turned into a real team-player shooting the latest Ocean's heist movie, as she had to find her place betwen seven distinguished fellow-actresses.
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