'Trying not to allow things to feel stale' - interview with Christopher Landon
'Scream' meets with 'Groundhog day'. That's how we could describe the new film of Christopher Landon entitled 'Happy Death Day'. The director told us about the challenges he had to face while making an original, funny horror movie.
'It’s kind of like tossing a hand grenade into pop culture' - Darren Aronofsky
He is one of the most exciting directors in Hollywood nowadays, chiefly known for his provocative films. His latest movie 'mother!' goes off the rails more than any other of his previous works. But why he keeps provoking the audience? Maybe we will have the answer to that too.
'A film that blows my mind.' - Jared Leto
Jared Leto is more than a popstar. He is also an actor who received an Academy Award, but even for him, shooting Blade Runner 2049 was a surrealistic experience. It is no wonder, given that the original film is one of his big favourites.
'Love is the thing that holds it all together.' - Jeff Bridges
He is one of the legendary actors of our days and in 'The Only Living Boy in New York' he is playing the role of a mysterious mentor-like character.
"I couldn’t have a better father and son threesome.” - Kate Beckinsale
We like Kate Beckinsale very much in 'Underworld' wearing her tight black leather outfit but it would be a pity not to show her qualities as an actress in other, more refined films. In 'The Only Living Boy in New York' her character is having an affair with the son of her married boyfriend.
"My husband was mad keen that I should do it." - Judi Dench
Judi Dench had the possibility of working together with Stephen Frears again, after doing Philomena in 2013. In Victoria and Abdul we discover an exciting new chapter of Queen Victoria's life, the years when she made friends with a young Indian clerk.
"It was the most tiring thing I’ve ever done" – Bill Skarsgård
His father, Stellan Skarsgård is one of Sweden's main exports and his brother Alexandar Skarsgård acts in various Hollywood films. This can be an advantage but it is also hard to keep up with them. Young actor Bill Skarsgård is on his way to fame playing Stephen King's iconic clown in the latest adaptation of 'IT'.
"Once you’re in the corset, it's hard to bend down and put your shoes on." - Stacey Battat
In the films of Sofia Coppola costumes has always been a very important element, since 'Somewhere' she works with Stacey Battat costume designer who helped her to find the perfect outfits for the characters of The Beguiled.
"Took it up for a flight and then just took off" - Tom Cruise and Doug Liman
Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are working together for the second time after the 'Edge of Tomorrow'. American Made is about a reckless pilot who became a smuggler and played the Colombian drug cartels. As the film is based on a true story, the makers had a lot to tell about it.
"I find the doll Annabelle to be really sinister" - Miranda Otto
The doll Annabelle is one of the creepiest horror movie characters, and 'Annabelle 2: Creation' is her second feature film. This time Australian actress Miranda Otto had the chance to work together with her.
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