Férfikor Hungarian, drama, 77 min, 2017
Premiere date: 23 November 2017
Showing the world from a man's perspective. That's how we can sum up the narrative of 'Manhood'. A school boy is left alone because his mother must stay in the hospital for a week, a middle-aged musician must take care of his children in the absence of the wife, and a very old man tries to arrange his memories.
Brimstone American-British-Belgian-French-Dutch-Swedish, western, 148 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 November 2017
This feminist, Dutch western was partly shot in Hungary and was acclaimed by the critics because of its haunting narrative and strong visual content. It shows the eternal struggle between the opressor and his victim, but sometimes the victim grows strong, maybe stronger than anyone would have imagined...
Seven Sisters American-British-Belgian-French, thriller, 123 min, 2017
Premiere date: 23 November 2017
The science-fiction of Tommy Wirkola is taking place in an imaginary future where each couple can have only one child because of the overpopulation. It is almost impossible to outwit this drastic policy but Terrence Settman must do everything to protect his family.
Escape Room American, thriller, 81 min, 2017
Premiere date: 23 November 2017
This low budget thriller is directed by Will Wernick, a relatively unknown director who drew inspiration from a hidden fear that most of us might have felt too: our fear from escape rooms.
A Viszkis Hungarian, thriller, 111 min, 2017
Premiere date: 23 November 2017
The past few years we had a lot of reasons to rejoyce when considering the state of Hungarian filmmaking. We had various big hits at the international film festivals, we had two Oscar winners within two subsequent years, but maybe one thing was missing: a really good feature film which aims at being popular among the audience but also at being received enthusiastically by the critics.
Justice League American, action, 121 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 November 2017
Bruce Wayne seeks help from his newly acquainted ally, princess Diana. Bad news is they have to face an enemy stronger than all their previous opponents. Without Superman the Earth has become more vulnerable, and the group of metahumans must overcome the powerful army of the immortal Steppenwolf.
Happy Death Day American, horror, 96 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 November 2017
Mixing romantic comedy 'Groundhog Day' with popular horror 'Scream' is an original idea, and the makers added also a bit of 'American Pie' to make it more pleasant. 'Happy Death Day' was intended to be the most frightening movie of this autumn, but finding the balance between being funny, frightening and romantic may not be easy and in fact we are not sure if this film succeeded at the task.
Madame French, comedy, 91 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 November 2017
A rich American couple moves to Paris where they expect to live a life of ease. They have become estranged from each another since a long time but that doesn't prevent them from throwing a dinner party to their friends. When they see that the covers on the table amount to the unfortunate number of 13, their servant Maria receives a couple of strange instructions (like 'Don't speak much!' 'Don't drink much!' 'Don't laugh much!') and then she is invited to the table as a pseudo-guest.
The Big Sick American, romance, 120 min, 2017
Premiere date: 09 November 2017
Every year we are waiting for a witty, charming love comedy to remember and this year it seems that 'The Big Sick' will be that comedy. The story is about Kumail, a young man who works as an Uber driver during the night but during the day he does everything to realize his dream and become a successful stand-up comedian. In the most unexpected moment love crosses his way...
Murder on the Orient Express American-Maltese, crime, 114 min, 2017
Premiere date: 09 November 2017
Agatha Christie is not among the most fashionable authors nowadays when it comes to movie adaptations but it seems that suddenly someone had the idea in Hollywood that it was high time to launch a new Poirot franchise. The first piece of this planned franchise must be very well-known to the public as it is based on one of Agatha Christie's best crime story books.
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Hungarian, thriller, 111 min., 2017


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Seven Sisters

American-British-Belgian-French, thriller, 123 min., 2017


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