Zombieland: Double Tap American horror-comedy 99 min 2019
Premiere date: 17 October 2019
Ten years after 'Zombieland' the dysfunctional quartet continues the hunt through America in this entertainingly old-fashioned zombie horror-comedy.
Prospect American-Canadian, sci-fi, 100 min, 2018
Premiere date: 17 October 2019
Two human beings, a father and his daughter land on a foreign planet. They want gold, but they are not alone. Soon the girl has to make an uncertain alliance with Ezra, an adventurer, and they must fight together for survival.
FOMO: Fear of Missing Out Hungarian, drama, 90 min, 2019
Premiere date: 10 October 2019
An intriguing and thought-provoking film about the young adults of Budapest, focusing on the aftermath of a party that went real bad.
Gemini Man American-Chinese action, 117 minutes, 2019
Premiere date: 10 October 2019
Though one may praise the technical achievement of the film, unfortunately the story reminds us of a clumsy B action movie made in the '90s.
Joker American, crime, 121 min, 2019
Premiere date: 03 October 2019
As this film has won the Venice Film Festival a month ago, probably even those are interested in seeing it who are otherwise not that into comic book adaptations.
Roger Waters: Us + Them British, concert, 135 min, 2019
Premiere date: 02 October 2019
The former Pink Floyd bandleader has toured all over the world performing the most famous songs of his career to the great delight of the audience. This documentary was recorded in Amsterdam, and was directed by Sean Evans (The Wall).
Akik maradtak - Those who remained Hungarian, drama, 88 min, 2019
Premiere date: 26 September 2019
A subtle, nice film about the possibility of starting over. 16-year-old Klára finds a father figure when she meets Aldo, a middle aged gynecologist. They have one thing in common: they both lost their family during the holocaust.
The Goldfinch American, drama, 149 min, 2019
Premiere date: 19 September 2019
This elegantly made Donna Tarrt adaptation struggles to convey the message of the Pulitzer prize-winning (and 800 pages long) novel, but it sadly results in a practically uninteresting family drama with ambiguous ending.
Rambo V: Last Blood American, action, 89 min, 2019
Premiere date: 19 September 2019
The 73-years-old Sylvester Stallone is practically unstoppable: the "Expendables" franchise, the "Creed"-movies, the "Escape Plan" trilogy, and now the fifth part of the Rambo series are all undeniable proofs of his wonderful capability.
Ad Astra American-Brazilian, sci-fi, 122 min, 2019
Premiere date: 19 September 2019
What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century? What kind of heritage we have to carry on? What are the sacrifices we must make in our lives? The philosophical science fiction of director James Gray searches for the answers.
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