Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 2017, French sci-fi, 137 minutes
Premiere date: 20 July 2017
Alpha, the vast metropolis is inhabited by divers beings of the Universe, gathered to unite their power and knowledge to promote technological development. All went according to plan - until now.
Vándorszínészek Hungarian, tragicomedy, 102 min, 2018
Premiere date: 08 March 2018
The life of a travelling theatre group is fraught with difficulties: besides the constant uncertainty they have to face day by day, a bad scuffle breaks out following one of their performances. A young soldier finds himself in trouble, and he must join the group of strolling players. He has no idea of the adventures that are waiting for him on the road...
Venom American, action, 112 min, 2018
Premiere date: 04 October 2018
The popular antagonist of Marvel comics arrives to cinema: when Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, his life turns into a mess and the once conscientious journalist begins to leave broken bodies in his wake. The movie is packed with stuff not entirely suitable for children but even that doesn't make it a good one.
Vice American, biographical drama, 132 min, 2018
Premiere date: 21 February 2019
The story of Richard Bruce 'Dick' Cheney, a seemingly unassuming bureaucratic Washington insider, who quietly wielded immense power as Vice President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.
Victor Crowley American, horror-comedy, 83 min, 2017
Premiere date: 27 September 2018
A mysterious creature takes its victims on the marshlands of Louisiana. Unfortunately, nobody believes the only survivor who claims that the relentless killer is Victor Crowley himself, a dangerous monster recently resurrected by mistake.
Victoria and Abdul 2017, American-English biographical film, 106 minutes
Premiere date: 21 September 2017
Oscar winner Judi Dench personifies for the second time Queen Victoria, the grandmother of Europe, who reigned for 64 years on the british throne. The final chapters of the sovereign's eventful life were made brighter by a young Indian clerk.
A Viszkis Hungarian, thriller, 111 min, 2017
Premiere date: 23 November 2017
The past few years we had a lot of reasons to rejoyce when considering the state of Hungarian filmmaking. We had various big hits at the international film festivals, we had two Oscar winners within two subsequent years, but maybe one thing was missing: a really good feature film which aims at being popular among the audience but also at being received enthusiastically by the critics.
Film premieres

Fighting with My Family

American-British, comedy, 108 min., 2019

Britt-Marie var här

Swedish, drama, 94 min., 2019

Apró mesék

Hungarian, thriller, 112 min., 2019

Le grand bain

French, tragicomedy, 122 min., 2018

The Queen's Corgi

Belgian, animation, 92 min., 2019
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