47 Meters Down

Last year in America the surprise hit movie of the summer was 'The Shallows', an excellent, compact thriller/horror by Jaume Collet-Serra, and since '47 Meters Down' is the second shark movie arriving this September, we suspect that they must be really into great whites there.
The starting situation of '47 Meters Down' is quite similar: beautiful American single girls (this time two of them) are off to an exciting excursion to Mexico. To change up their daily routine they go cage diving with sharks. It is certainly a good idea for capturing some exclusive photos and getting followers on Instagram, but something they never expected happens: the cage gets loose and they find themselves 47 meters under water, with less than an hour of oxygen left, surrounded by these gigantesque creatures wanting their flesh and blood.

Director Johannes Roberts pulled off this movie on a small budget, using a tank filled with chopped broccoli to replicate algae, and some milk to make the water look blurred. The actresses learned how to scuba dive, but all the sharks in the film were created with CGI. A sequel (with different characters and storyline) is already on the way, and after seeing this fine and entertaining horror we will keep on fearing the Great White.

20 September 2017
Hungarian title: 47 méter mélyen
American-British-Dominican horror, 89 min, 2017
Lisa and Kate goes on a deep-sea adventure in a shark cage, but things go wrong when the chain breaks and they are trapped underwater in 47 meters deep with a decreasing level of oxigen, surrounded by sharks.
Directed by:

Johannes Roberts

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 21 September 2017

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