Wonder Wheel

When an illustrious director has reached his 82th birthday then it becomes useless to expect any serous artistic renewal from his side. Here comes the good old familiar Woody Allen movie, which will not subvert the world any more but which is still interesting enough for spending that one and a half hour in the cinema for its sake.

The fantastic cameraman Vittorio Storaro has created a magical world for Allen's previous film entitled 'Café Society' but a Woody Allen movie never looked more bright and colorful than 'Wonder Wheel'. It is not only due to Storaro's work though but also to the unique place the film was shot at: the seaside of Coney Island and the amusement park there are practically yearned for those brilliant and highly colored pictures. The director tells us again a story which belongs genuinely to New York, but it's rather a drama and not a comedy this time. Wonder Wheel is akin to Blue Jasmine in fact if we consider his latest works. 


Our heroine Ginny (Kate Winslet is sublime in the role) is prepared to be an actress once but now she is working at a seedy bar as a waitress. She doesn't love her husband and her piromaniac son is only makes things worse. At the seaside she meets with writer Mickey (Justin Timberlake) who works as a lifeguard for the moment. It is love at first sight and their romance is only threatened by Carolina (Juno Temple), the daughter her husband has from his previous marriage. Mickey likes Carolina too, but the girl is pursued by the mafia. The narrative needs some time to get stamina, but if we wait patiently then things start to happen and an excellent drama unfolds with moral dilemmas and bad choices which lead to tragedy. And we must state that Kate Winslet is still a goddess.  

07 December 2017
Hungarian title: Wonder Wheel - Az óriáskerék
American drama, 101 min, 2017
Directed by:

Woody Allen

Distributor: Cinetel
Premiere: 07 December 2017

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