68 Kill

Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) is bored of his not very agreeable job. His girlfriend Liza's situation is not a bed of roses either: she has sexual relationships with aged men, earning her living this way. Besides, she is totally crazy. She comes up with a brilliant idea inviting Chip to rob her current sugar daddy. Then they would start a new life together somewhere far away where nobody knows them.
Chip has hardly any time to recover and they have already robbed and killed somebody and they are on the road with 68 thousand dollars and a girl in the back of their car. Things don't turn out very well later on, so Chip must admit to himself that maybe it would be better to quit Liza after all. He is ready to start a new life with somebody else, using the money they've robbed. But first he must survive this absurd adventure. It is hard to decide whether the writer-director Trent Haaga had intended to make a parody or a real action movie when he started the shooting of the film. If it's not a parody then it's a pity, because this awkward action-trash-comedy packed with romantic cliches and horror scenes can't be looked upon as a serious film. In fact the only way we can make it a little more enjoyable while watching it is not to take it seriously even for a minute.
18 January 2018
Hungarian title: 68 lepedő
American crime, 93 min, 2017
The story of manliness and womanliness and the theft 68 000 dollars.
Directed by:

Trent Haaga

Distributor: Cinenuovo
Premiere: 18 January 2018
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