Darkest Hour
There are those biographical dramas where you can see at once that they were made for the Academy Awards. That doesn't mean necessarily that they are bad, but you can tell what the makers' intention was from the first minute to the last. Director Joe Wright's new biopic about Winston Churchill and the Second World War entitled 'Darkest Hour' is one of these films.
Last year we could see the events of Dunkirk from the soldiers' perspective shown in the epic movie of Christopher Nolan. This film embraces the same period but instead of the front lines it focuses on the political machinations which were taking place in London. Joe Wright's film presents us the events from the perspective of Winston Churchill, the new prime minister of the UK. Churchill's situation was very precarious at that time, his own party didn't really believe in him and the king wasn't too happy with his promotion either. In this hostile environment he managed to do something grand when he refused to negotiate and make piece with Hitler considering the disadvantageous conditions. As for the movie as a whole, there's no denying it: 'Darkest Hour' is the sensational solo performance of one actor, Gary Oldman, who does an amazing job in the leading role, disappearing completely under his make-up. All the other characters seem to be there only to assist him, and the whole movie seems to be aiming at winning the laurels using Oldman and his brilliant performance. Well, there's nothing really wrong with that, but it could have been a really big film with a little more ambition from the side of the makers.
18 January 2018
Hungarian title: A legsötétebb óra
British biographical drama, 125 min, 2017
At the beginning of Word War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had to choose between negotiating with Hitler or declaring war or Germany.
Directed by:

Joe Wright

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 18 January 2018


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