The Florida Project
Orlando in Florida. One of the most popular destinations of the wealthy, where the sun is shining all year. The tourists are spending their money in elegant hotels and restaurants, paying for a dream come true. In the meanwhile, struggling in the shadows of the brilliant Disney World buildings, thousands of people live a hopeless and miserable life.
Bobby (Willem Dafoe) has a little shabby motel in the suburb, where poor families are living, dragging on from one month to another. There lives single mother Halley too with the 6-year-old Moonie. She can't find a job and she raises Moonie alone. The mischievous little girl rambles about the neighborhood with her friends during the summer vacation, killing time with sometimes innocent, sometimes dangerous escapades. 'Tangerine', the previous film of director Sean Baker showed Los Angeles from the perspective of two prostitutes. (The film was also unique because it was shot with an iPhone.) 'Florida Project' presents us the tourist paradise Orlando, as a couple of suburban kids can see it. The result is a film which can be sometimes amiably funny, but also hauntingly honest at the same time
18 January 2018
Hungarian title: Floridai álom
American drama, 111 min, 2017
Six-year-old Moonee and her friends feel that their holiday is full of adventures and miracles, while adults around them struggle to get by in the shadows of Disney World and the tourist industry.
Directed by:

Sean Baker

Distributor: ADS Service
Premiere: 18 January 2018


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