Tomb Raider
We still don't have evidence of computer games turned into really good movies, but at least here comes an entertaining and fairly done adventure film based on the popular PC games featuring Lara Croft.
The charming Alicia Vikander brings fresh blood into the franchise, and luckily the creators didn't intend to turn Lara Croft into some superhuman, bulletproof GI barbie this time. In fact she remains quite human in this version: she uses her brains more often than her fists, and she is not ashamed to beat a hasty retreat when things turn out badly. That doesn't mean of course that we won't find any unrealistic scenes in the movie, but still, compared to other 'Tomb Raider' films, one can feel some kind of sober temperance from the side of the filmmakers and that's really refreshing.

The narrative follows young Lara, searching stubbornly for her father, who disappeared 7 years ago on a deserted island while he was looking for the tomb of a mysterious empress. Alicia Vikander personifies a very likeable and realistic heroine, while director Roar Uthaug has a good sense of rhythm and dynamics, the action scenes follow nicely and there are some rather memorable ones among them. To sum it up we can state that the new 'Tomb Raider' movie won't save the world and won't present something incredibly original, but it is perfectly suitable for a two hours entertainment in the cinema.
14 March 2018
Hungarian title: Tomb Raider
American adventure, 118 min, 2018
Lara Croft, the daughter of a missing adventurer finds herself on the same island that was the last known location of her father.
Directed by:

Roar Uthaug

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 15 March 2018
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