Loving Pablo

The most popular journalist of Colombia falls in love with a charismatic man who is giving jobs to the poor and shows real interest in his quartier while generally all the wealthy families remain aloft. The problem is, that this benefactor's name is Pablo Escobar, and our pretty heroine soon must realize that she has entered a dangerous game.
The passionate romance turns into a nightmare when the days of splendour come to an end. As power starts to slip away from the hands of Escobar it becomes less and less rewarding to love him or even know him.
This shrill and colorful soap-opera version of the drug baron's life offers nothing new or unheard of at the biographic level, and evidently can't beat TV-series Narcos when it comes to style and accomplishment. Bardem presents a heavily-built, carnal and seductive Escobar, and he is apparently enjoying himself, while Cruz tends to be a bit over-explanative as a narrator, feeding us with somewhat flat and unnecessary lines. The tension works well between the two, it is a pity that the movie speaks English instead of Spanish, their chemistry would work probably even better that way. The film depicts the events in a correct way but lacks real creativity: as a love story it is not very rewarding but for those who are interested in the splendour and fall of the Medellín Cartel it is worth a watch.
26 July 2018
Hungarian title: Escobar
Bulgarian-Spanish biographical film, 123 min, 2017
A journalist starts a dangerous romance with the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar.
Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 26 July 2018
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