Finding Your Feet
There are those films which make you feel a lot more cheerful after you saw them, and 'Finding Your Feet' is definitely like that. Also it presents an important subject as nowadays we frequently don't know what to do with the so called 'third age' in a society which demands always more from us.
The eve of retirement doesn't really turn out as Sandra has imagined: instead of a pleasant celebration, the night ends in a big bad quarrel after the woman discovers that her husband has been having an affair with her best friend. Consequently, Sandra is forced to move in with her sister Bif, who is just the opposite of herself, being rather poor but very spirited. Their relationship has a few bumps, but after a time Sandra discovers that her sister's dance lessons have a very good effect on her nerves. Slowly she is becoming a better person, and perhaps she will be able to find new love in the end. It is surely not the most original way of telling us about starting over and never losing our faith, but the picturesque landscape and the excellent actors make up for that. 'Finding Your Feet' is a very amiable movie which makes the audience smile while also speaking about some thought-provoking subjects. 
14 March 2018
Hungarian title: Táncterápia
British tragicomedy, 111 min, 2017
A snobbish woman discovers on the day of her retirement that her husband cheats on her, so she moves in with her bohemian sister. But in her age, adapting is not that easy...
Directed by:

Richard Loncraine

Distributor: Cirko Film
Premiere: 15 March 2018


 12/16/18 Sunday, 08:00
 12/16/18 Sunday, 18:10
 12/28/18 Friday, 13:20

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