Avengers: Infinity War

Everybody, let's prepare for the most gigantic showdown ever seen in the cinemas! Marvel Studios has a superspectacular, delirious mayhem of a movie up its sleeve. A maleficent demigod called Thanos wants to destroy the world, but a handful of superheroes stake all upon a single cast in order to stop him.
And stopping him won't be easy, because if he obtaines the six different Infinity Stones (one embedded in the forehead of Vision, another around the neck of Doctor Strange, etc) and if he places them into his huge gauntlet, his powers will be so enhanced that he can pulverize the known universe. No wonder that this time the atmosphere is more sombre in the movie, and the death of at least one Avenger seems to be unevitable.

It is always a much debated issue, whether it is a good idea to cram a lot of superheroes into one movie: the sceptics don't even understand what's the point, while the frantic comics fans would give everything to see Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and the others in one film, and to hear their funny banter as they tease each other while saving the world again and again. However, the reception of Infinity War is a bit ambiguous so far, some critics claiming that the 'collect the gems' plot is a cliché, and the CGI technique spoiled Josh Brolin’s acting as the villain, making him 'more like some outsize ogre-thug beamed in from World of Warcraft' (The Telegraph). On the other hand, there are those who say that the movie is carried out with such professionalism that it really sweeps you off your feet : 'It’s just a supremely watchable film, utterly confident in its self-created mythology' (The Guardian). It seems that it will be up to the cinemagoers to decide the fate of this latest piece in the Avengers franchise.
26 April 2018
Hungarian title: Bosszúállók: Végtelen háború
American fantasy, 149 min, 2018
The Avengers have to put their dissensions behind to stop Thanos before he destroys the universe.
Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 26 April 2018


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