Solo: A Star Wars Story

As we are living in the age of franchises, a character beloved by the public can never really die, so it's rather just Harrison Ford who said goodby to the saga, because Han Solo himself returns in a younger version and carries the audience along on a rollicking adventure.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Young and cheeky smuggler Han Solo wants to escape from a tyrannized planet with his beautiful girlfriend Qui'ra. But things won't go as smoothly as he had expected, and soon he finds himself taking part in a complicated adventure, meeting on his way other iconic Star Wars characters like Chewy, Lando or Jabba.

In spite of the troubled production a fine, old-school sci-fi has been created, and Star Wars fans with a tendency to feel nostalgic will surely enjoy it as much as the simple movie-goers who had skipped most of the other SW films. According to 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' "feels like a fun side story, but lacks the depth and epic feel of the Skywalker tales."
24 May 2018
Hungarian title: Solo: Egy Star Wars-történet
American sci-fi, 135 min, 2018
Han Solo and Chewbacca had already been famous smugglers long before they joined the Rebel Alliance. The movie tells their story.
Directed by:

Ron Howard

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 24 May 2018


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