Love, Simon
Simon has a really good life: understanding parents, cute friends, but he has a secret: he is gay, and he is not courageous enough to tell his family. There is only one person with whom he can talk freely, but unfortunately he has no idea who that person might be.
He has a mysterious e-mail partner who claims to be gay too, but he never reveals his real name to Simon. The boy starts to have romantic feelings towards this unknown 'friend', but one day he is discovered by a classmate who blackmails him: in order to keep his secret, Simon has to help him catch the attention of the hottest chick in school. Things get complicated after that, and soon Simon finds himself ruining his friendships (without really wanting it of course). But all is well that ends well, and in this heart-warming and smart coming-of-age movie everybody gets what he deserves in the end.
21 June 2018
Hungarian title: Kszi, Simon
American romantic drama, 110 min, 2018
Simon has a complicated life. Nobody knows in his class that he is gay, and he doesn't know who is the classmate he fell in love with online.
Directed by:

Greg Berlanti

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 21 June 2018
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