The latest film by Wim Wenders grabs a lot, but takes a little, as it wants to be so many things at the same time: a love story, a spy story, a thriller, an underwater adventure, and also a film about current social issues. Unfortunately, the result is a bit clumsy and messy, despite of the two A-list stars in the leading roles.
Two young people meet in France, both of them standing before a pivotal point in their lives. James is a spy and he is about to embark on a dangerous mission in Somalia, while Danielle is a bio-mathematician, waiting to be submerged in the ocean searching for underwater life. Their romance starts as a brief flirt but through a couple of days a strong relationship is being forged between the two. Unfortunately, their mission soon tears them apart, and James gets imprisoned in Somalia. This film is based on the novel of JM Ledgard, but unfortunately the adaptation is a bit clumsy, with unrealistic dialogues and a lot of contemplation on the meaning of life.
21 June 2018
Hungarian title: Merülés a szerelembe
American-French-German-Spanish romantic drama, 112 min, 2017
While James More suffers in the prison of the jihadists in Africa, Danielle dives deep into the bottom of the ocean. In their memories, they go back to the day when they met.
Directed by:

Wim Wenders

Distributor: ADS Service
Premiere: 21 June 2018


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