The Equalizer 2
Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall to protect the oppressed and tidy up the mess in the world. McCall feels it's time to retire so he moves to the suburbs and starts working as a chauffeur. Despite all his efforts to forget about his former life, soon trouble finds him again, and he must return to his field in order to save somebody he loves.
It was a brave decision from the part of director Antoine Fuqua to make an action movie with only a few short action scenes (of course there is a big final showdown and a spectacular hurricane too) and mostly showing on screen people composedly talking with one another. Unfortunately that surprising method is not enough to make 'The Equalizer 2' any better than the average B-side action film, as it uses too many clichés along the plot. Some would even call the film morally questionable as the charming and charismatic Denzel Washington makes the public sympathize with McCall even when his doing are edging on the borders of sociopathy.
22 August 2018
Hungarian title: A védelmező 2
American thriller, 121 min, 2018
Robert McCall fights for the opressed and the weak, but how far will he go for his loved ones?
Directed by:

Antoine Fuqua

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 16 August 2018
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