A powerful thriller by famed director Steve McQueen, packed with terrific performances. After a heist gone wrong, several criminals die in a fire, and their wives must pay back the money to the crime boss. Each woman has a different background and character but they have to pull together in order to succeed.
Don't expect a simple action movie: though we have our share of car chases and shootings, the story rather concentrates on the characters and their motivation, and also on the shady connections that the local community has with politics and corruption, showing us a subtle psychology of crime. The scriptwriter of 'Sharp Objects' and 'Gone Girl' has created yet again a material full of suspense, 'Widows' is a strong movie with memorable characters, an unimitable atmosphere and thrilling performances.
21 November 2018
Hungarian title: Nyughatatlan özvegyek
American-British crime, 129 min, 2018
Four women in Chicago "inherited" a huge debt from their departed criminal husbands, so they decide to free themselves from this problem together.
Directed by:

Steve McQueen

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 22 November 2018
(18 pictures)

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