In 'Justice League' Aquaman has already made his debut appearance, and now here comes his origin-story, a film regarded exaggeratedly by somes enthusiastic fans as an 'underwater Star Wars'. We wouldn't go so far but the viewers are in for some action that's for sure.
Most people know Jason Momoa from popular fantasy series  'Game of Thrones', and now he plays the leading role of Aquaman: Arthur is the rightful king of Atlantis, but he is unwilling to accept this challenge. One day he realizes he has no choice anymore: his vicious younger brother wants to seize the throne and start a cruel war against humanity. Arthur must stop him and learn how to become a real king. It may sound like a sombre Shakespeare piece, but in reality Aquaman has some humour and also some cool action scenes. Spectacular and entertaining as it is, it may be the perfect 'end-of-the-year' cinema experience for those who are into correctly made fantasy films.
13 December 2018
Hungarian title: Aquaman
American-Australian fantasy, 143 min, 2018
It is not enough to accept that he is king of Atlantis, Arthur Curry has to grow up to the task and become a hero.
Directed by:

James Wan

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 13 December 2018
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