Through the years Nicole Kidman has become a truly fearless actress: no role can be too challenging for her. In 'Destroyer' she plays a depressive and alcoholic police detective. During the two-hours film there are at least two such scenes that the mayor part of current Hollywood actresses would have found unacceptable.
The elegant actress is unrecognizable under the make-up and costumes in this tragic but spectacular film following the best traditions of LA noirs. Director Karyn Kusama shows a wonderful ability at showing the unknown, dark side of the city, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. Only the story feels a bit thin: maybe the scriptwriters should have spent a bit more energy when writing the plot, which is too simple: Erin Bell as a young cop is placed undercover with a gang in the California desert with tragic results. When the leader of that gang re-emerges many years later, she must deal with the consequences and finally try to overcome the demons of her past.
24 January 2019
Hungarian title: Pusztító
American crime, 123 min, 2018
Erin Bell failed as an undercover cop 15 years ago, and now her past returns to haunt her in form of a murder.
Directed by:

Karyn Kusama

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 24 January 2019


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