The Secret Life of Pets 2
'The Secret Life of Pets' gave a hilarious answer to the question of every pet owner: what do our pets do while we are not at home? Considering the success of the charming first film, no wonder that a sequel has arrived.
The well-known characters all return for the new adventure. While watching the film we can follow three different storylines: first of all Max, the loyal terrier mix faces new challenges when a baby is born into the family. At first he is jealous like every pampered pet who suddenly gets a baby rival, but then he grows to love the little boy dearly. So dearly, that suddenly he sees deathly dangers everywhere, threatening his precious kid. Because of his anxiety Max develops a mental disorder, so the family decides to take a vacation and go to a farm on the countryside.

The second line focuses on Captain Snowball, who considers himself a superhero. No wonder he finds himself in hilarious situations, and things get worse when a stubborn shi-tzu called Daisy enlists him to a dangerous mission which consists in saving a white tiger from the circus.

The third line is about Gidget, the fluffy Pomeranian, who still has a crush on Max, so she agrees to guard his favourite toy while he is away on vacation. Things get complicated when the toy accidentally bumps into the apartment of a crazy cat lady: Gidget has to infiltrate the cat's territory and pass unnoticed. In order to do so, she must learn from Chloé how to act like a feline, which leads to funny situations.

Kids and pet owners will undoubtedly enjoy the film. As for the rest of the cinemagoers, well, the script may feel a bit recycled as it hardly adds anything new to the basic concept of the previous 'Secret Life of Pets'.

03 July 2019
Hungarian title: A kis kedvencek titkos élete 2
American-French-Japanese animation, 86 min, 2019
Their life is still full of secrets. And all of them are so cute.
Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 04 July 2019


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