Pest Est presents: Vök (IS), Tape Delay indie / electronica Budapest, A38 Hajó, 24 February 2018 20:00
The Icelandic dreamdriving force Vök will take you into a special sphere so far unknown, where wild nature meets the senses of soul in the form of beautiful electronic indie music. Their support will be a charming, moving, kicking young band, a true brother-in-sound: Tape Delay.
Pesti Est presents: Ramón Valle Trio World Stars at Budapest Jazz Club Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club, 25 February 2018 19:00
Cuban pianist Ramon Valle is a seasoned veteran with the explosive energy of a racehorse straight out of the gate. The rhythms of Africa that traveled to the Caribbean are entrenched within him, and are a major cornerstone to Valle’s Cuban culture.
Caro Emerald pop / electro swing / jazz Budapest, Papp László Bp Sportaréna, 26 February 2018 20:00
The charming Dutch singer debuted in 2009 on the international music scene and her pleasant pop-swing-jazz songs like 'Back it Up' or 'A Night Like This' soon became very popular among the public.
Alice Merton (DE/UK), Sion Hill (DE) Indie pop / alternative dance Budapest, A38 Hajó, 28 February 2018 20:00
After her song titled No Roots made her way to international fame, Alice Merton on her first European tour will perform at the A38 Ship. Even though her first album hasn't been released yet, her career is already stable.
Henri Gonzo & Daniel Perez indie rock / folk / pop Budapest, ELLÁTÓház, 07 March 2018 20:00
If you frequent the clubs and ruin pubs in Budapest then you are probably already familiar with this musical project, that is to say with Fran Palermo frontman Henri Gonzo (guitar, kick drum, vocals) playing in a duo together with fellow band member Daniel Perez (congas). Their ever varying repertoire consists of many genres as they are playing covers of their favourite songs. Perhaps we shouldn’t say simply covers, in fact each song gets a different, unique flavour in their creative interpretation.
Russkaja (AT) Ska punk / gypsy punk / folk metal Budapest, A38 Hajó, 08 March 2018 20:00
Hungary's favorite Russian-Austrian band presents their new album at an explosive club gig. Though Hungarian audience has lately met the band only at huge festivals now they return for the 9th time to the A38 ship to give another unforgettably fabulous gig.
Enrique Iglesias pop / latin-pop / dance-pop Budapest, Papp László Bp Sportaréna, 12 March 2018 20:00
18 years have passed since his last concert in Budapest, so no wonder that tickets are already sold out for his performance on the 11th of March. There is no need to despair though, because considering the enthusiasm of the Hungarian audience, the organizers have decided that there will be a second gig on the next day.
Mongooz And The Magnet blues-rock / funk Budapest, Toldi, 15 March 2018 22:00
You get that joke when an Irish, a Norwegian and a Hungarian are sitting together and they are telling you that they are from Pécs? Well it's not exactly a joke because if you ever witness a phenomenon like this, you can be sure that you had met popular and crazy blues-funk band Mongooz and the Magnet.
Tóth Vera & Budapest Jazz Orchestra jazz Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club, 18 March 2018 18:00
Jazz lovers can always be sure to spend a memorable evening in Budapest Jazz Club. In March they can enjoy again their favourite songs in the presentation of local diva Tóth Vera, known for her powerful voice and charming personality. The excellent jazz musicians of Budapest Jazz Orchestra will accompany her during the evening.
Dona Onete carimbo / latin / world music Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 27 March 2018 20:00
The flamboyant diva of carimbo comes to Budapest, and no doubt she will bring sunshine and happiness with her soulful and danceable songs of Brazilian folk music. Dona Onete was 73 years old when she recorded her first album entitled Feitiço Caboclo, and she is a big favourite of festivals and world music channels ever since.
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