One Two Three – Ferenc Molnár a transform comedy in real-time Budapest, Átrium, 28 November 2017 20:30
The minutes in Molnar's manic world start ticking down for powerful bank president Norrison, when the young heiress under his care announces her secret marriage to a communist taxi driver.
The Lonesome West With English subtitles! Not suitable for children under 15. Budapest, Átrium Film-színház (Régi), 29 November 2017 19:30
In a small Irish town Valene and Coleman, two brothers living alone in their father's house after his recent death, find it impossible to exist without massive and violent disputes over the most mundane and innocent of topics. Only father Welsh, the local priest, is prepared to try to reconcile the two before their petty squabblings spiral into vicious and bloody carnage. Is there life after death? And before?
Dance Melodicas – Zsófia Pirók and the Melodika Project Budapest, Pesti Vigadó, 28 December 2017 19:30
Experiencing the enticing Andalusian night was never so easy as watching Hungarian flamenco dancer Zsófia Pirók performing on stage. Her unique flamenco show Dance Melodicas debuted with great success in January.
Coincidance Ballet Theatre presents: Fairplay Budapest, MOM Kulturális Központ, 29 December 2017 19:00
The great legends of sport exist forever as an inspiration for future generations. Director and choreographer Gyulai Júlia pays homage with this performance to the memory of her father Gyulai István, a successful athlete and journalist in the '60s.
Ultima Vez (BE): In Spite of Wishing and Wanting Budapest, Trafó, 2017, 23 and 24 November, 20.00.
In Spite of Wishing and Wanting became a global sensation after its world première in 1999. Now Wim Vandekeybus once more takes the world by storm.
Recirquel Company Budapest: Night Circus Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 2017. September 15 - 16. 19.00.
The Company takes us on a thrilling journey: they want to fulfill the big dream of mankind: to acquire the ability of flying. The heroes are acrobats who follow the traces of a lost circus while they discover more and more layers of their personality.
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Tim Rice: EVITA musical Budapest, Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad, 2017. August 11, 13. 20.00.
Evita is back! Figuring among the biggest successes of the previous season, this performance will sweep you off your feet with its spectacular music, ravishing visual world and Evita's destiny full of trials and tribulations.
Cirque Éloize: Saloon The Wild Wild West comes alive - a musical acrobatic adventure Budapest, Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad, 2017. augusztus 4, 5. 20.00.
America is under construction. The West is booming. The railroad is being developed. In the middle of the desert, a town comes to life. A saloon opens its doors. A place to gather and share tales, it quickly becomes a theatre for stories of all kinds.
BEATLES DRAFTS Budapest, Trafó, 2017. május 30, 31. 20.00.
An English friendly performance presented by Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
C!RCA (AUS): What Will Have Been 4-6 November 2016
Three artists stretch the boundaries of contemporary circus in this intimate and deeply moving new production by Australian contemporary circus company Circa.
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