Czóbel reconsidered 4.0 – Mysteries at the museum – Research in focus.
The fourth exhibition since the reopening differs from the previous concepts. The most spectacular change is that now beside the museum`s space, the exhibition extends to the Ilosvai wing of the building. Here, we can see the masterpieces of Czóbel's lost, lurking works and also archive photographs of the works which if they re-appeared, would significantly change the perception of his legacy.

Czóbel Múzeum (2000 Szentendre, Templom tér 1.)
2019. április 26. - 2020. április 12.  
A világhírű zongoraművész, a Liszt-díjas Farkas Gábor legújabb, a Hungaroton gondozásában megjelent lemezének anyagát mutatja be szerda esti koncertjén.
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